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Portify, a multifunctional DeFi platform. First of all Portify will be a portfolio platform where people can track, trace and analyze their on-chain assets including staked tokens and earnings. This will be the user’s portfolio. Along to that there will also be possibilities of swapping tokens on the Portify aggregator, this will also come with staking pools. The reason why we call it a one stop platform is because users don’t have to switch into different DEXs to do all of their DeFi work. On Portify they will be able to track their assets and staking revenue, trade to adjusting their portfolio and even track other people’s portfolios all in one. With all these features combined (the portfolio), Portify will add a social platform. This social platform aims to be the new decentralized crypto Twitter for traders and investors. On the social platform, portfolios will be categorized with the type of portfolios that they are such as whale, day trader, swing trader, HODLer, etc.
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